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Gazette du Bon Ton. Art – Modes & Frivolités: Famous Fashion Houses, Pierre Mourgue, 1921

letterpress printing, h 244mm × w 197mm More details
© erven Pierre Mourgue

In 1912 the ambitious publisher Lucien Vogel decided to launch an exclusive magazine. Well-acquainted with the fashion world, he forged ties with several of most renowned fashion houses of Paris and gathered the crème de la crème of French illustrators for his project. They recorded the latest creations of designers such as Doeuillet, Doucet, Worth, Poiret and Redfern, and, later on, couture by Chéruit, Beer, Paquin and Lanvin. These designs were issued as separate plates. The Gazette was aimed at a small, extremely wealthy readership: in 1912-1913, a subscription for twelve issues cost an equivalent of around 400 euros today.