Fonds 21

Fonds 21 contributes to various acquisitions and exhibitions and is also the main sponsor of the Teekenschool educational centre.

Fonds 21's mission is to facilitate enterprising, cultural and social and community-based initiatives. The Fund supports high-profile projects, both large and small, in the fields of Art & Culture and Youth & Society, as well as related science and education projects.

In addition to contributions for special acquisitions for the museum’s collections, the Fund is also the main sponsor of the Teekenschool, the most comprehensive museum education centre in the Netherlands. Fund 21 finances the Teekenschool’s programmes, which are designed to give kids 12 and under a deeper understanding of the Rijksmuseum’s collection. There are also programmes for older kids and adults.

“Our Fund is committed to innovative projects that bring children into contact with art and culture.” Marie Hélène Cornips, Director of Fonds 21

‘Learning to look by doing’ is the common thread in the programmes, workshops and courses offered by the Teekenschool. There are three studios: a visual arts studio, a multimedia studio and a 'Golden Age' studio where history is key.

teekenschool Teekenschool

The Teekenschool owes its name to its original function as a drawing school at the end of the 19th century. Drawing lessons and other forms of artistic instruction were given in the building in the Rijksmuseum’s garden. The Teekenschool was the forerunner of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. The text on the imposing building’s façade reads: ‘Drawing is speaking and writing at the same time’. The redefined Teekenschool breathes new life into this sentiment.

Acquired with the support of Fonds 21