ING – Main Sponsor

The Rijksmuseum and ING have been working closely together since 2005 to make the museum more appealing to a broad cross section of the public.


Culture has long been fundamental to the clients and employees of ING. In its effort to make art and culture accessible to a wide audience all over the world, ING sponsors a broad range of art and cultural projects. In addition to being a Presenting Partner of the Rijksmuseum, ING is also the exclusive Presenting Partner of the Rijksmuseum Schiphol. The Rijksmuseum is the only museum in the world with an annex at an airport.

ING and the Rijksmuseum have been working closely together since 2005 to attract a broad audience to the museum and to enhance the museum’s relationship with Dutch visitors. For example, ING and the Rijksmuseum are involved in joint activities such as the TEFAF art and antiques fair as well as in projects in the field of education. The ING Rijksmuseum days give clients of ING the possibility to visit the Rijksmuseum in a free and easy way.


  • ING Sponsor of the Year 2013
  • Sponsor ring for the Night Watch Flashmob ‘Onze Helden Zijn Terug’
  • European Excellence Awards for the Night Watch flashmob ‘Onze Helden Zijn Terug’
  • SAN Award Corporate CommunicatIon ‘Onze Helden Zijn Terug’

On 11-13 May the Rijksmuseum presented Daan Roosegaarde’s Waterlicht on Museumplein to tie in with its purchase of the painting The Breach of the St. Anthony’s Dike in Amsterdam by the 17th-century painter Jan Asselijn. Both artworks reflect on the role of water in Dutch history and on the interaction between humans, nature and technology. Daan Roosegaarde explains: ‘Waterlicht is a virtual flood that enables people to experience what the Netherlands would be like without its water works. Though we tend not to think about it much nowadays, innovation is integral to our landscape.’ Roosegaarde’s work consists of wavy lines of light produced using the latest LED technology, software and lenses, which were projected across Museumplein. Floating two metres above the square, Waterlicht showed what the sea level would be in Amsterdam without human intervention. Waterlicht was made possible in part by ING and marked its tenth anniversary as a Main Sponsor of the Rijksmuseum.