Philips – Founder

For over 15 years, Philips and the Rijksmuseum have worked together with the aim to link individuals with art and history.


Not only have Philips and the Rijksmuseum been closely involved in the museum’s renovation and remodelling, their lighting division has also installed innovative LED lighting that has quickly become the new standard for lighting art.

In 2016, Philips is proud to present the next chapter in their commitment as founder.

Art enriches people’s lives by stimulating the senses and the mind. It has the great power to inspire, unite and change lives. Art makes our lives just that little bit better.

Philips shares these beliefs and is driven to fulfil that same goal. They view problems from imaginative perspectives and always look for new and different ways to improve life through meaningful innovation.

Philips will therefore continue to support the Rijksmuseum to ensure that even more people will have the chance to experience the enriching power of art in the best way possible.

Discover how Philips strives to improve wellbeing, through meaningful innovation.