Behind the scenes

Every day, hundreds of people are working behind the scenes of the Rijksmuseum to keep the museum running and to maintain the collection. But what happens when the doors are closed and the visitors have gone home? That’s what you can see in the series ‘Behind the Scenes at the Rijksmuseum’.

Cleaning the dust off of the Battle of Waterloo

How do you clean the dust of the largest painting in the collection of the Rijksmuseum? And why do you need a business card for that? In this first episode you will see how the Battle of Waterloo is cleaned.

How to clean a 17th century ship model

Furniture conservator Tirza and her colleague Corinne are armed with a special developed vacuum cleaner. Their mission: cleaning the ship model 'William Rex', which is pretty dusty.

How art travels

How do you get a painting from one museum to the other? And what is needed for that? Follow our conservator Anna on her way from Amsterdam to Delft.