Rijksmuseum Escape Game

New edition: In the shadow of Rembrandt


It's way past closing time...

The library is quiet and deserted, but Rijksmuseum employee Bert is still busy researching Rembrandt. He turns a page and stares in amazement at an old sketch of the museum, a sketch with a very strange date. But as Bert tries to further investigate this mystery, the page is suddenly missing…

Do you have what it takes?

2 Are you able to decipher the first hint? Do you have what it takes to complete the Escape Game in the museum? Try it out with our online interactive game on Instagram.

The interactive game starts at the account @Rijks_Insta_Game and takes you on a small journey through different rooms and galleries in the museum. There are eight puzzles that you will have to solve. Are you able to crack the code?

Wanted: Codebreakers

For this mystery Bert needs the help of team of specialists: Codebreakers.

Are you inventive, sharp and have a mind for puzzles? Apply now with your team of max 2-5 persons and receive more information.

The logo is based on a wood engraving by Isaac Weissenbruch (1832-1912), Human Eye with an Anomaly.

Practical information

With this Escape Game you can team up to experience the Rijksmuseum in a unique way. Play the game with colleagues or friends, or with children six years and older. Dive into the game together with two to five people and start working as a researcher. It's an exciting adventure for everyone, but only a few people reach the finish line. Will you succeed?

The Escape Game: In the shadow of Rembrandt is made possible by are sponsor KPN and is developed in close collaboration with mystery experience studio Sherlocked.

For whom

For everyone who dares to take the challenge...

A sufficient knowledge of the English language is necessary. The Escape Game is not recommended for children younger than 6.


1,5 – 2 hrs


During the Summer Holidays (13 July to 1 September)


The Escape game takes you criss-cross throughout the museum.


€ 22,50 per group (excluding admission fee)