The Art Gallery of Jan…

Adriaan de Lelie, 1794 - 1795

On display in room 1.10

Winter Landscape with Ice Skaters

Hendrick Avercamp, c. 1608

On display in room 2.6

River Landscape with Riders

Aelbert Cuyp, c. 1653 - 1657

On display in Gallery of Honour

View of Houses in Delft, Known as…

Johannes Vermeer, c. 1658

On display in Gallery of Honour

The Raampoortje in Amsterdam

Wouter Johannes van Troostwijk, 1809

On display in room 1.14

The Whale-oil Refinery near the…

Cornelis de Man, 1639

On display in room 2.9

Wooded View near Barbizon

Johan Hendrik Weissenbruch, 1900

On display in room 1.18

View of The Hague

Cornelis Springer, c. 1850 - c. 1852

Winter Landscape

Barend Cornelis Koekkoek, 1835 - 1838

On display in room 1.14

The Coach of Mangkoe Nagoro IV

Pieter Alardus Haaxman, c. 1870

On display in room 1.17

Cows in the Meadow

Gerard Bilders, 1860 - 1865