The Edge of a City

George Hendrik Breitner, 1880 - 1923, painting, SK-A-3561

De Koepoort te Delft

Petrus Gerardus Vertin, 1850 - 1892, painting, SK-A-1562

View of a River

Jan van Goyen (follower of), after c. 1630, painting, SK-A-3492

July with the sign of Leo

Jan Kamphuijsen, 1790 - 1791, painting, SK-A-4146

Two Evangelists

Gherardo Starnina, c. 1407, painting, SK-A-3979

On display in room 0.2

View in the Hague (?)

George Hendrik Breitner, c. 1880 - c. 1923, painting, SK-A-3547

Portrait of a Painter, perhaps the…

Aert Schouman (attributed to), 1730, painting, SK-A-4157

Racetrack at Scheveningen, opened 3…

Charles Rochussen, 1846, painting, SK-A-3923

Ships near the Coast in windy…

Willem van de Velde (II), c. 1650 - c. 1707, painting, SK-A-723

Group Portrait in a Landscape (An…

anonymous, c. 1638 - c. 1640, painting, SK-C-121