The Seven Works of Mercy

Master of Alkmaar, 1504, painting, SK-A-2815

A town in Holland is the setting for a narrative strip showing how a good Christian should help the needy. In almost all the scenes, Christ appears among the onlookers. The scenes give a sense of town life around 1500. This is one of the many art works severely damaged when Protestants cleansed…

On display in room 0.4

Madonna of Humility

Fra Angelico, c. 1440, painting, SK-A-3011

On display in room 0.2

The Saint Elizabeth’s Day Flood

Master of the St Elizabeth Panels, c. 1490 - c. 1495, painting, SK-A-3147-B

On display in room 0.4

The Tower of Babel

anonymous, c. 1490, painting, SK-A-2851

On display in room 0.4

Two Evangelists

Gherardo Starnina, c. 1407, painting, SK-A-3979

On display in room 0.2

Ecce homo

Brunswijkse Monogrammist, c. 1525 - c. 1535, painting, SK-A-1603

On display in room 0.4