Schapenkudde in een bos

Anton Mauve, 1848 - 1888, drawing, SK-A-2442

Arcadisch landschap

Abraham Rademaker, 1685 - 1735, drawing, RP-T-1893-A-2813

Waterfall at Drakenstein at the…

Robert Jacob Gordon, 1777 - 1786, drawing, RP-T-1914-17-67

Ducks by the Waterside

Geo Poggenbeek, 1888, drawing, SK-A-2485

Knotwilgen aan een sloot

Geo Poggenbeek, 1863 - 1903, drawing, SK-A-2487

Portret van Theresia A. A. Allebé

August Allebé, 1858, drawing, RP-T-1936-30

Twee bommenwerpers vuren…

Mohammad Toha Adimidjojo, 1948, drawing, NG-1998-7-4

View of the Drostdy

Robert Jacob Gordon (attributed to), 1777 - 1778, drawing, RP-T-1914-17-44

Sara Hinloopen (1689-1775).…

Jean Baptiste Perroneau, 1763, drawing, SK-A-3748

A Khoikhoi kraal with dancers and…

Robert Jacob Gordon (attributed to), c. 1779, drawing, RP-T-1914-17-89