Banquet at the Crossbowmen’s Guild…

Bartholomeus van der Helst, 1648, painting, SK-C-2

Civic guards were the city’s militia. They were volunteers. In Amsterdam, each district had its own company with its own headquarters. In the 17th century, larger and grander buildings were built. Group portraits of the members lined the walls. In 1648, Van der Helst immortalised this Amsterdam…

On display in room 2.8

Portrait of a Woman, Possibly Maria…

Rembrandt van Rijn, 1639, painting, SK-C-597

Maria Trip, daughter of one of Amsterdam’s wealthiest merchants, was twenty when Rembrandt painted her portrait. The artist placed Maria against a stone arch and devoted particular attention to the reflected light, the fashionable dress and jewellery. The costly garments are trimmed with strips of…

On display in room 2.8

Allegory on the Abdication of…

Frans Francken (II), c. 1635 - c. 1640, painting, SK-A-112

On display in room 2.1

Amsterdam as the Centre of World…

Pieter Isaacsz., c. 1604 - c. 1607, painting, SK-A-4947

Still Life with a Fish

Pieter Claesz., 1647, painting, SK-A-1857

Peasants in an Interior

Adriaen van Ostade, 1661, painting, SK-C-200

On display in room 2.13

Princes Maurice and Frederick Henry…

Adriaen Pietersz. van de Venne, 1618, painting, SK-A-676

On display in room 2.5

Venus and Adonis

Ferdinand Bol, c. 1658, painting, SK-A-4823

A Hen with Peacocks and a Turkey

Melchior d'Hondecoeter, c. 1680, painting, SK-C-146

On display in room 2.22

Pieter Cnoll, Cornelia van…

Jacob Coeman, 1665, painting, SK-A-4062

On display in Philips wing, room 1.3