Portrait of a Haarlem Citizen

Jan van Scorel, 1529, painting, SK-A-3853

Rich Children, Poor Parents

Aert Pietersz., 1599, painting, SK-A-4822

On display in room 2.5

River Landscape with Boar Hunt

Joos de Momper (II), c. 1590 - c. 1635, painting, SK-A-3949

Maria of Hungary, Regent of the…

anonymous, 1550 - 1560, painting, SK-A-4463

Pompeius Occo

Dirck Jacobsz, c. 1531, painting, SK-A-3924

Allegory of Nature as the Mother of…

Jan van Hemessen, 1540 - 1557, painting, SK-C-1657

Triptych with the Adoration of the…

Pieter Coecke van Aelst (I) (workshop of), 1520 - 1550, painting, SK-A-2594

Triptych with the Lamentation of…

Cornelis Cornelisz II Buys (attributed to), c. 1540 - c. 1545, painting, SK-A-2392

Memorial Panel for Lubbert Bolle

Jan Gerritsz. van Bronckhorst (possibly), 1525 - 1574, painting, SK-A-4485

The Punished Robber

Sebastiaan Vrancx, 1600 - 1647, painting, SK-A-1637