The Merry Fiddler

Gerard van Honthorst, 1623, painting, SK-A-180

On display in room 2.1

The Night Watch

Rembrandt van Rijn, 1642, painting, SK-C-5

Rembrandt’s largest, most famous canvas was made for the Arquebusiers guild hall. This was one of several halls of Amsterdam’s civic guard, the city’s militia and police. Rembrandt was the first to paint figures in a group portrait actually doing something. The captain, dressed in black, is…

On display in Nightwatch gallery

Bokaal met deksel, vervaardigd voor…

Louis Métayer, 1754, goblet, BK-1981-51

On display in room 1.2

Ratification of the Peace of…

Gerard ter Borch (II) (copy after), 1648 - 1670, painting, SK-A-405

Boer uit Laren, Noord-Holland

Martinus van Regteren Altena, 1902, painting, SK-A-2620

The Departure of Charles II of…

Cornelis Beelt, 1660 - 1701, painting, SK-A-2692

Portrait of Henriette Marie…

Alexander Cooper, 1640 - 1650, miniature (painting), SK-A-4315

The Lute Player

Jan van Bijlert, c. 1630 - c. 1640, painting, SK-A-1338

Portrait of Nicolaas Schmelzing

Michiel Jansz van Mierevelt (workshop of), c. 1609 - c. 1633, painting, SK-A-550

On display in room 2.1