Cows in the Meadow

Gerard Bilders, 1860 - 1865, painting, SK-A-2264

Shipwreck off a Rocky Coast

Wijnand Nuijen, c. 1837, painting, SK-A-4644

On display in room 1.14

Militia Company of District XI…

Frans Hals, Pieter Codde, 1637, painting, SK-C-374

On display in Gallery of Honour

Mary Stuart, Princess of Orange, as…

Bartholomeus van der Helst, 1652, painting, SK-A-142

On display in room 2.8

The Death of the Pharaoh’s…

Lourens Alma Tadema, 1872, painting, SK-A-2664

On display in room 1.15

Group Portrait of the four Brothers…

Wybrand de Geest (I) (workshop of), c. 1630, painting, SK-A-566


Egbert Rubertus Derk Schaap, 1912, painting, SK-A-2654

Still life

Elisabeth Iosetta Hoopstad, 1842, painting, SK-C-115

The Bombardment of Algiers (26-27…

Martinus Schouman, 1823, painting, SK-A-1395

Virgin and Child

Lorenzo Monaco (school of), 1381 - 1410, painting, SK-A-4005