Portrait of a Member of the Van der…

Cornelis Troost, 1736, painting, SK-A-3948

The portrait conveys a sense of convivial hospitality, as if the man were inviting us into his home to enjoy his art and music. In a typically 18th-century way, the portrait has no sense of distance, of authority. It introduces us directly to the open personality of this enthusiastic young member of…

On display in room 1.1

The Martyrdom of Saint Lucy

Master of the Figdor Deposition, c. 1505 - c. 1510, painting, SK-A-1688

On display in room 0.1

The Vijverberg, The Hague, in…

Adam van Breen, 1618, painting, SK-A-955

Woodland Pond at Sunset

Gerard Bilders, c. 1862, painting, SK-A-3072

On display in room 1.18

Portrait of Jochem Hendricksz.…

Nicolaes Eliasz. Pickenoy, 1627, painting, SK-A-705

The Night School

Gerard Dou, c. 1660 - c. 1665, painting, SK-A-87

On display in room 2.25

Portrait of Joan Maetsuyker,…

Jacob Coeman, 1663 - 1676, painting, SK-A-3765

Shipwreck off a Rocky Coast

Adam Willaerts, 1614, painting, SK-A-1955

Allegory of Transience

Willem van Mieris (attributed to), Frans van Mieris (I) (rejected attribution), 1670 - 1681, painting, SK-A-263