The Meeting of Joachim and Anna

Master of Joachim and Anne, c. 1470, BK-NM-88

Joachim and Anna were childless for many years. Until Anna’s prayers were answered and she miraculously conceived a daughter, Mary. Joyous at the news, they embrace each other tenderly. This intimate, almost timeless scene was once part of a large altar depicting stories about the life of the Virgin…

On display in room 0.1

De voetwassing

Pieter van Edingen, c. 1511 - c. 1520, BK-1959-63

Portrait of a Nobleman, possibly…

Anthony van Dyck, c. 1635, painting, SK-A-101

Still Life with Books

Hercules Segers, c. 1618 - c. 1622, print, RP-P-H-OB-867


anonymous, 1650 - 1700, table, BK-NM-14201

Acehnese Shield

anonymous, before 1877, shield, NG-NM-11552-86

Christ’s Descent into Limbo

anonymous, , c. 1440, BK-1962-33

On display in room 0.1

Portico and pediment from the…

Philips Vinckboons (II), 1639, BK-BFR-419

On display in room 2.8

Durga Killing the Buffalo Demon

anonymous, c. 1300 - c. 1500, figure, AK-RAK-1997-1

On display in Asian pavilion, room 1