Loterie Imperiale de France,…

anonymous, 1804 - 1815, identification medal, NG-VG-13-11

Model of a Floating Dry Dock

's Lands Werf Amsterdam (possibly), after anonymous, c. 1802 - c. 1815, demonstration model, NG-MC-6

Artificial Horizon

anonymous, anonymous, anonymous, c. 1830 - c. 1865, measuring instrument, NG-MC-1031

Light for a Lighthouse

Boulton & Watt (possibly), c. 1818, NG-MC-832

Sounding Lead

Lecointre, 1841, sounding lead, NG-MC-886

Sand Glass of 15 Seconds

anonymous, c. 1860, sand glass, NG-MC-1118-1

On display in room 0.13

Model of a Paddle Wheel

D. van den Bosch, 1835, demonstration model, NG-MC-539


Erard Frères, 1808, musical instruments, BK-BR-589-A

On display in room 1.12