Model of a Buoy

's Rijks Algemeen Betonningsmagazijn, 1873, demonstration model, NG-MC-1349-D

Officer's Sword

Peter Knecht (attributed to), 1820 - 1830, sword, NG-MC-737

Luns van een gedeelte van een…

G.I. Luipius (possibly), before 1831, document, NG-NM-10385-5-A

Infanteriesabel van J.E. Sacré

anonymous, 1825 - 1830, sabre, NG-NM-10385-136-A

Model of the Screw Aperture of a…

anonymous, 1864, demonstration model, NG-MC-1168

Sabel lichte cavalerie model nr. 3,…

S. de Jager, 1814 - 1866, sabre, NG-NM-9310-298

Kris of Governor-General Baud

anonymous, 1834, kris, NG-NM-7113

On display in room 0.12

Marine's Sword in Scabbard

anonymous, 1812, sabre, NG-MC-741

On display in room 0.13

Percussie legerpistool model M 1815

anonymous, c. 1815 - c. 1816, NG-NM-4861-17

Flintlock Wall Piece

anonymous, c. 1825 - c. 1840, musketoon, NG-MC-728-A