Book chest of Hugo de Groot

anonymous, c. 1600 - c. 1615, NG-KOG-1208

Traditionally, it was in this case that Hugo de Groot escaped from Loevestein Castle in 1621. He had been serving a life sentence there since 1619. The internationally renowned jurist De Groot (Grotius) had been arrested in 1618 as a political opponent of Prince Maurice. After his escape, De Groot…

On display in room 2.5

Folding X-chair

anonymous, c. 1620 - c. 1650, BK-15337


anonymous, c. 1615 - c. 1625, furniture, BK-16019

On display in room 2.2

Yatagan met ebbenhouten gevest

anonymous, 1500 - 1699, yatagan, NG-NM-549

Beklede kist.

anonymous, 1500 - 1525, chest, BK-NM-1299

Omslag huldealbum

anonymous, in or before 1886, RP-D-1987-6

Armstoel van beukenhout met vier…

anonymous, 1785 - 1800, furniture, BK-16853

Schoen of muil met zolen van hout…

anonymous, c. 1800 - c. 1900, mule (shoe), BK-NM-10554-B-1

Damesmuil van blauw leer, versierd…

anonymous, c. 1740 - c. 1760, mule (shoe), BK-NM-13144-B