A Windmill on a Polder Waterway,…

Paul Joseph Constantin Gabriël, c. 1889, painting, SK-A-1505

‘Our country is colourful, juicy, fat. (...) I repeat, our country is not dull, not even in dull weather, the dunes are not dull either’, Constant Gabriël wrote in a letter. Unlike many artists of the Hague School, he preferred painting fine summer days. Here there are two: the grass, sky and…

On display in room 1.18

Javaanse hoffunctionarissen

anonymous, c. 1820 - c. 1870, painting, NG-2010-41

Clothes make the man, so too in Indonesia. These are not actual portraits, but types. In addition to revealing the region these men come from, the meticulously painted clothes and batik motifs also provide information about their rank and status. These proud, confident figures are unusual: in…

On display in room 1.17

Mary Magdalene

Lourens Alma Tadema, 1846 - 1854, painting, SK-A-4173

Vouwwaaier met blad van groen gaas…

Martinel, c. 1900 - c. 1920, BK-1969-54-A

View of the Gardens of Villa Medici

Michel-Martin Drolling, 1811 - 1816, painting, SK-A-5001

On display in room 1.12

Cup and saucer with King William I

anonymous, c. 1808 - c. 1815, BK-1963-27

Soldaten met spin

Johan Gerard Sinia, 1900 - 1910, drawing, NG-1986-47-6

Dish with pearl chasing dragons on…

anonymous, c. 1850 - c. 1900, AK-RBK-15858

Tired Out (Mother Watched)

Jacob Maris, 1869, painting, SK-A-2463

Damesklomp met een dekkende…

anonymous, c. 1830 - c. 1870, BK-KOG-1280-16-B