Seated Cupid

Étienne-Maurice Falconet, 1757, BK-1963-101

This famous statue already had many nicknames in the 18th century. Perhaps the best known is l’amour menaçant - menacing love. The menace is mainly in the love god’s expression, while his gesture makes us complicit, through silence. The statue was carved for Madame de Pompadour, mistress of Louis XV…

The Grand Vizier Crossing the…

Jean Baptiste Vanmour, 1720 - 1737, painting, SK-A-1998


Simon Troger (workshop of), c. 1740, BK-VBR-199

Albestrook van kloskant met…

anonymous, c. 1765 - c. 1780, BK-1975-359

Johannes Diderik van Leeuwen

Hausdorff (possibly), 1796, NG-402-A

Plantation in Suriname

Dirk Valkenburg, 1707, painting, SK-A-4075

Frederika Sophia Wilhelmina of…

Tethart Philip Christian Haag, 1789, painting, SK-A-1225


Cornelis Troost, 1739, painting, SK-A-4225

Pair of candelabra

Johannes Schiotling, 1772, BK-16550-A

The Raree-show (’t Fraay Curieus)

Willem van Mieris, 1718, painting, SK-A-4941