FK 23 Bantam

Frits Koolhoven, 1918, NG-2011-1

The F.K. 23 Bantam was developed in 1917 by Dutch aviation pioneer Frederick Koolhoven, then working as chief designer at British Aerial Transport Company. The biplane was intended as a fighter for the nascent Royal Air Force in the First World War. This craft was shown in 1919 at the First Aviation…

Portret van Wilhelmina, koningin…

anonymous, c. 1948, painting, SK-C-1461

Andries van Wezel (1856-1921)

Willem Witsen, 1912, painting, SK-A-2948

The Village of Sannois

Gerrit van Blaaderen, 1910 - 1914, painting, SK-A-2715

Johan Philip van der Kellen…

Jan Veth, 1904, painting, SK-A-2138

Ships in the Ice

George Hendrik Breitner, 1901, painting, SK-A-3585

The Damrak, Amsterdam

George Hendrik Breitner, 1903, painting, SK-A-2879

Adèle van Meekren, de tweede…

Willem Witsen, 1912, painting, SK-A-2949