Model of a Hull Section at the Main…

anonymous, c. 1740 - c. 1785, demonstration model, NG-MC-113

Model of a Wood Kiln

anonymous, c. 1750 - c. 1850, demonstration model, NG-MC-19

Zijdelakenkopers- en -kramersgilde…

Johannes van Vijven, 1705, medal, NG-VG-7-488-A

Model of a Crane for Stepping Masts

's Lands Werf Hellevoetsluis (possibly), Rijkswerf Hellevoetsluis (possibly), c. 1790 - c. 1820, demonstration model, NG-MC-34

Model of a Made Mast

anonymous, c. 1780 - c. 1840, demonstration model, NG-MC-134

Model of the Stern of a Ship in…

anonymous, c. 1797 - c. 1807, instruction model, NG-MC-96

Model of an Oared Landing Craft

William May (possibly), 1785, ship model, NG-MC-513

Model of a Hoist or GIN

anonymous, c. 1750 - c. 1807, demonstration model, NG-MC-40

Sword knife hilt with plant motifs

anonymous, c. 1800 - c. 1900, AK-MAK-1009

Model of a Maintop

anonymous, c. 1780 - c. 1800, demonstration model, NG-MC-162