Model of a Topsail

anonymous, c. 1861, demonstration model, NG-MC-1111

Model of a Hoist or GIN

anonymous, c. 1750 - c. 1807, demonstration model, NG-MC-40

Model of a 30-Pounder Gun on Deck

anonymous, c. 1828, demonstration model, NG-MC-800-2

Model of a Floating Dry Dock

's Lands Werf Amsterdam (possibly), after anonymous, c. 1802 - c. 1815, demonstration model, NG-MC-6

Model of an Ironclad Ram Ship

R. Napier & Sons, 1868, ship model, NG-MC-1235

Model of a 70-Gun Ship of the Line

anonymous, 1790 - 1816, ship model, NG-MC-661

Model of a 30-pounder carronade in…

Rijkswerf Vlissingen, 1838, gunmodel, NG-MC-796

On display in room 0.13

Model of Composite Ship Camels…

anonymous, c. 1697 - c. 1718, demonstration model, NG-MC-23

Musketmaat, fragment bestaande uit…

anonymous, c. 1590 - c. 1596, NG-NM-7708-18

Model of an Artillery Crane on…

anonymous, c. 1800 - c. 1857, demonstration model, NG-MC-1035-1