Toilet mirror

Joseph-Germain Dutalis, 1828 - 1829, BK-1994-34

This mirror was the centrepiece of a large set of toiletry articles that the Dutch king Willem I had made as a wedding gift for his daughter Princess Marianne, who married Prince Albert of Prussia in 1830. The king commissioned Dutalis, the leading jeweller in Brussels, to make this superb ensemble…

On display in room 1.13

Cows in the Meadow

Gerard Bilders, 1860 - 1865, painting, SK-A-2264

Poster for Delft Salad Oil

Jan Toorop, 1894, poster, RP-P-1912-2395

View of The Hague from the Delftse…

Cornelis Springer, 1852, painting, SK-A-4870

Overgordijn van bedrukte cretonne…

Michiel Duco Crop, c. 1900, BK-1967-171-A-1

Fotoreproductie Horatius

anonymous, 1855, photograph, RP-F-F25514-L

Studies van boeren

Gerard Bilders, 1848 - 1865, drawing, RP-T-1936-67

Studies van koeien

Gerard Bilders, 1848 - 1865, drawing, RP-T-1936-50

Tangent Sight

anonymous, c. 1864, tangent sight, NG-MC-1164

Schets van mensen op straat

George Hendrik Breitner, 1867 - 1923, drawing, RP-T-1948-618(V)