FK 23 Bantam

Frits Koolhoven, 1918, NG-2011-1

The F.K. 23 Bantam was developed in 1917 by Dutch aviation pioneer Frederick Koolhoven, then working as chief designer at British Aerial Transport Company. The biplane was intended as a fighter for the nascent Royal Air Force in the First World War. This craft was shown in 1919 at the First Aviation…

Driedelig theeservies

Firma Hoeker & Zoon, 1903, tea service, BK-1973-158

Comb in the form of two dragonflies

Lucien Gaillard, c. 1904, jewellery, BK-1990-1

Self-portrait in the Conservatory

Jacob Olie jr., c. 1922 - c. 1931, photograph, RP-F-1995-206-3

Studie van een vrouwelijk…

Jacques Lalaing (attributed to), c. 1903 - 1914, photograph, RP-F-2001-4-26

Bosgezicht, met doorkijkje op open…

Jacob Olie jr., c. 1913 - c. 1927, photograph, RP-F-1995-206-69

Tini in the Guest Room

Jacob Olie jr., c. 1922 - c. 1930, photograph, RP-F-1995-206-22

Portret van Tini zittend in een…

Jacob Olie jr., c. 1910 - c. 1927, photograph, RP-F-1995-206-28

Machinisten van NV Nederlandse…

Luuk Kramer, c. 1990 - c. 1992, documentary photographs, NG-1992-9-55