A Dutch Merchant, Possibly Andreas…

Chitqua (attributed to), c. 1770, figure, BK-1976-49

Van Braam Houckgeest ran the Dutch East India Company (VOC) base in Canton harbour in south China from 1790 to 1795. He may have commissioned this figure of himself on a previous journey in China. Chinese sculptor Chitqua specialised in this kind of clay portrait, mainly for foreigners. Similar…

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Kaas, rond, waaruit een punt is…

anonymous, c. 1700 - c. 1799, BK-NM-5783-104

De Handel

Eugène Lacomblé, 1800 - 1900, BK-18824

Synagoge (?)

Eugène Lacomblé, c. 1828 - c. 1905, BK-18799


Eugène Lacomblé, 1800 - 1900, BK-18805

Moeder met twee kinderen

Eugène Lacomblé, 1881, BK-18823

Ontwerp voor een bloemenstandaard

Eugène Lacomblé, 1800 - 1950, BK-18789-A

De Kunst

Eugène Lacomblé, 1800 - 1900, BK-18794-B

Twee putti, tondo

Eugène Lacomblé, 1800 - 1900, BK-18821

Hercules en Antaeus

Eugène Lacomblé, 1877, BK-18780