Tankard with ribbed borders

anonymous, c. 1800 - c. 1899, BK-2008-125

Jug with the coat of arms of…

Hubert Schiffer, c. 1860 - c. 1880, BK-NM-10026

Jug (Bartmann jug) with the coat of…

anonymous, 1577, BK-NM-10124

On display in room 0.7

Jug with an incised decoration

anonymous, c. 1580 - c. 1600, BK-KOG-515

Jug with chip carving and fluting

anonymous, c. 1585 - c. 1600, BK-NM-10034

On display in room 0.7

Jug with the story of Susanna

anonymous, c. 1584 - c. 1600, BK-NM-10029

Jug with coats of arms and masks in…

Jan Emens Mennicken, c. 1570 - c. 1600, BK-KOG-510

Jug with the story of Susanna

Engel Kran, c. 1584 - c. 1600, BK-KOG-509

Spouted jug

anonymous, c. 1580, BK-KOG-506

On display in room 2.12

Jug with men beneath arches

Jan Baldems Mennicken (attributed to workshop of), c. 1580 - c. 1620, BK-KOG-514