Herman Doomer, c. 1635 - c. 1645, furniture, BK-1975-81

Among the possessions left by cabinetmaker Herman Doomer of Amsterdam was a costly ‘large ebony cupboard inlaid with mother-of-pearl’. It was probably this piece of furniture, which is veneered entirely with ebony and decorated with mother-of-pearl inlay. With its diagonally protruding corners and…

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anonymous, c. 1715 - c. 1725, furniture, BK-1969-102-A


Pieter de Loose, 1689, furniture, BK-1962-49


Dirk van Rijswijck, c. 1650 - c. 1660, furniture, BK-NM-1916

Wall cabinet

Franz Xaver Fortner, 1844, furniture, BK-1996-15

Vouwstoel, voorzijde poten,…

anonymous, 1500 - 1600, furniture, BK-16635

Vouwstoel van iepenhout, met leren…

anonymous, 1500 - 1600, furniture, BK-16634

Spiegel, staand model, met geslepen…

anonymous, c. 1700, furniture, BK-17100

Houten houder behorend bij een…

Cornelis Bellekin (attributed to), 1650 - 1700, nautilus shell, BK-1957-17-2