Table ornament

Wenzel Jamnitzer, 1549, table peace, BK-17040-A

This receptacle stood on the table on special occasions. Although it was never used for food, since it was far too precious. It was made for the city of Nuremberg in 1549 by Wenzel Jamnitzer, then a world-famous silversmith. Jamnitzer produced incredibly intricate work using a new method. All the…

Lidded ewer

Adam van Vianen (I), 1614, BK-1976-75

Toilet mirror

Joseph-Germain Dutalis, 1828 - 1829, BK-1994-34

This mirror was the centrepiece of a large set of toiletry articles that the Dutch king Willem I had made as a wedding gift for his daughter Princess Marianne, who married Prince Albert of Prussia in 1830. The king commissioned Dutalis, the leading jeweller in Brussels, to make this superb ensemble…


anonymous, 1684, BK-KOG-133

Shiva, Parvati, and Ganesha

anonymous, 850 - 930, figure, AK-MAK-524-A


anonymous, 1618, salt (condiment vessel), BK-1988-15-A

The Resurrection of Christ

Paulus Willemsz. van Vianen, 1605, BK-1959-14

Bust of Saint Frederick

Elias Scerpswert, 1362, reliquary, BK-NM-11450

Pair of candelabra

Johannes Schiotling, 1772, BK-16550-A

Two candlesticks

Adam Loofs, 1687, candlestick, BK-1966-10