Hand guard

Umetada, 1600 - 1900, AK-MAK-1117

Two sabres (kastanes) and a knife…

anonymous, before 1765, NG-NM-7112

On display in room 1.5

Kris of King William I

anonymous, 1835, kris, NG-NM-7115

On display in room 0.12

Liquid Compass

A. van Emden, c. 1860, compass, NG-MC-1085

Pocket Compass

anonymous, c. 1800 - c. 1858, compass, NG-MC-880

On display in room 0.13

Sabre (nimcha) of Michiel de Ruyter

anonymous, c. 1640 - c. 1664, NG-NM-10412

On display in room 0.12

Eresabel met schede van Daniel…

N. Jonnard, in or before 1804, presentation sword, NG-NM-8927-A