Rechter orgelluik horend bij het…

anonymous, c. 1526, organ, BK-NM-8124-2

The Family of Zebedee

anonymous, c. 1490, painting, SK-A-2799

The Annunciation

anonymous, c. 1550, painting, SK-A-2592

Portrait of Paul I, Emperor of…

anonymous, c. 1765, painting, SK-A-1223


Sigmund Gleismüller (attributed to), c. 1475 - c. 1500, painting, SK-A-2548

Saint Sebastian

Meester E.S. (circle of), c. 1460, painting, SK-A-3311

Saint Antony Abbot

Meester E.S. (circle of), c. 1460, painting, SK-A-3310

Portrait of a Botanist

anonymous, 1603, painting, SK-A-968

Portrait of a Woman

anonymous, 1603, painting, SK-A-969

Portret van een vorst

anonymous, 1680 - 1699, miniature (painting), SK-A-4383