Diorama of a Slave Dance

Gerrit Schouten, 1830, NG-2005-24

The scene in the dance tent is a ‘du’, a role-play event with music and dancing, held once every year on the plantations. Both players and audience were slaves. The main character was the ‘Afrankeri’, the narrator, left. The man in the red suit on the right is playing the king. Europeans in Suriname…

Kaart van Suriname

Alexander de Lavaux, 1737, NG-539

Box Containing Forty-Four Samples…

anonymous, c. 1800 - c. 1858, NG-MC-84

Diorama of the Zeezigt Coffee and…

Gerrit Schouten, c. 1815 - c. 1821, NG-1983-1

Lize Brouwers met Javaanse bediende…

Theodoor Brouwers (possibly), 1913 - 1930, stereograph, NG-2009-39-110

Plantage Accaribo

Theodoor Brouwers (possibly), 1913 - 1930, stereograph, NG-2009-39-97

Lize Brouwers naast de piano in een…

Theodoor Brouwers (possibly), 1913 - 1930, stereograph, NG-2009-39-88

Grootmoeder Heemskerk

Theodoor Brouwers (possibly), 1922, photograph, NG-2009-37-2