Model of a Made Mast

anonymous, c. 1821, demonstration model, NG-MC-136

Model of Diagonal Framing

anonymous, anonymous, c. 1822, instruction model, NG-MC-114-A

Model of an Iron Dowel

anonymous, anonymous, c. 1821, demonstration model, NG-MC-70

Model of a Keel

anonymous, c. 1835, instruction model, NG-MC-118


Kyan (possibly), c. 1800 - c. 1858, hydrometer, NG-MC-870-1

Model of a Disengaging Gear for…

Petrus van der Loo, 1841, demonstration model, NG-MC-542

Model of a Fire Hearth for Steam…

Rijkswerf Rotterdam, 1844, demonstration model, NG-MC-531

Model of an Anchor

Rijkswerf Vlissingen, 1823, demonstration model, NG-MC-608-A

Model of a Capstan

anonymous, c. 1819, demonstration model, NG-MC-193

Model of a Paddle Wheel

D. van den Bosch, 1835, demonstration model, NG-MC-539