Ten weepers from the tomb of…

Jan Borman (II) (attributed to), Renier van Thienen (attributed to), c. 1475 - c. 1476, tomb figure, BK-AM-33-J

Isabella of Bourbon, wife of Charles the Bold, duke of Burgundy, Brabant and Limburg and count of Flanders, Holland and Zeeland, died in 1465. He had a superb tomb made for her at St Michiel’s Abbey in Antwerp. Around it stood 24 figures of grieving relatives and ancestors - called weepers. They…

On display in room 0.4

Lidded goblet and Table Bell

Johannes Mattheus van Kempen, 1851, goblet, BK-2006-26

On display in room 1.15

Pistol Bullet that Struck Henry…

anonymous, c. 1640, bullet (ammunition), NG-NM-1110-B


anonymous, c. 1590 - c. 1596, NG-NM-7750

On display in room 2.9

Three Cast-Iron Samples

anonymous, 1859, sample, NG-MC-1059

Boekslot, versierd met medaillons…

Lykele Stevens Hoornstra (attributed to), c. 1754, BK-NM-3571

Kraan van koper met een uit drie…

anonymous, c. 1590 - c. 1596, NG-NM-7806-1


anonymous, c. 1590 - c. 1596, bullet (ammunition), NG-NM-7767-2

On display in room 2.9

Knoop, konisch met ribben en…

anonymous, c. 1590 - c. 1596, button, NG-NM-7723-3


anonymous, c. 1750 - c. 1850, lilla, NG-MC-1101