Girl in a Large Hat

Caesar Boëtius van Everdingen, c. 1645 - c. 1650, painting, SK-A-5005

This woman with her wide sunhat and seductive, bared shoulder is similar to the enticing shepherdesses that often appear in Dutch paintings. She proffers a small basket of fruit to the viewer in an unmistakably erotic gesture. The picture was originally intended to be displayed high on a wall, above…

The Saint Elizabeth’s Day Flood

Master of the St Elizabeth Panels, c. 1490 - c. 1495, painting, SK-A-3147-B

The Lords of Montfoort

anonymous, c. 1400, painting, SK-A-831

Sokkel van groen en rood geverfd…

Hendrik de Keyser (II) (attributed to), 1636, pedestal, BK-NM-2865-2

Buidel van paars fluweel, aan de…

anonymous, c. 1600 - c. 1699, BK-NM-9247

Portrait of Jan van Huysum

Arnold Boonen, c. 1720, painting, SK-A-5008

A Giant Radish

anonymous, 1626, painting, SK-A-1975

The Siege of Rhenen

Master of Rhenen, c. 1499 - c. 1525, painting, SK-A-1727

Ovale doos waarin een…

anonymous, c. 1642 - c. 1652, transparency, BK-NM-11333