Frederika Sophia Wilhelmina of…

Tethart Philip Christian Haag, 1789, painting, SK-A-1225

The Batavian Fleet off Veere, 1800

Engel Hoogerheyden, 1800 - 1809, painting, SK-A-4126

The Death of Epaminondas

Isaac Walraven, 1726, painting, SK-A-461

On display in room 1.6

Family Group in an Interior

Frans van der Mijn, 1744, painting, SK-A-4064

Still Life with Flowers and Fruit

Jan van Huysum, c. 1721, painting, SK-C-561

Portrait of Isabel Parreño y Arce,…

Anton Raphael Mengs, 1771 - 1772, painting, SK-A-3277

On display in room 1.9


Jean François Valois, 1800 - 1853, painting, SK-A-1514

A Left Foot

Simon Andreas Krausz, 1770 - 1825, painting, RP-T-1952-200

A Young Woman with a Book

Pietro Rotari, 1756 - 1762, painting, SK-A-3422

Portrait of Maria van Citters…

Philip van Dijk, 1725 - 1753, painting, SK-A-897