The First Day of School

Jean Baptiste Vanmour, c. 1720 - c. 1737, painting, SK-A-2005

A mother brings her daughter to school on her first day, followed by an entourage of women. They are evidently Turkish Muslims, since the dress code allowed them colourful clothes and yellow shoes, unlike non-Muslims. A servant is carrying the girl’s embroidery frame. Handicraft was a favourite…

On display in room 1.3


Cornelis Troost, 1739, painting, SK-A-4225

On display in room 1.1

The Bookshop and Lottery Agency of…

Isaac Ouwater, 1779, painting, SK-A-4026

On display in room 1.11

Still Life with Flowers

Coenraet Roepel, 1721, painting, SK-A-336

The Nieuwe Kerk and the Town Hall…

Isaac Ouwater, c. 1780 - c. 1790, painting, SK-A-305

On display in room 1.11

Plantation in Suriname

Dirk Valkenburg, 1707, painting, SK-A-4075

On display in room 1.5


Jacob de Wit, 1740, painting, SK-A-3233

An Amsterdam Canal House Garden

Cornelis Troost, c. 1740 - 1745, painting, SK-A-2576

On display in room 1.1

Portrait of Jan Pranger

Frans van der Mijn, 1742, painting, SK-A-2248

On display in room 1.5

Still Life with Flowers on a Marble…

Rachel Ruysch, 1716, painting, SK-A-2338