Still Life with Fruit

Coenraet Roepel, 1721, painting, SK-A-337

Portrait of Machteld Muilman

Frans van der Mijn, c. 1745 - c. 1747, painting, SK-A-2249

Still Life with Flowers

Coenraet Roepel, 1721, painting, SK-A-336

An Amsterdam Canal House Garden

Cornelis Troost, c. 1740 - 1745, painting, SK-A-2576

The Nieuwe Kerk and the Town Hall…

Isaac Ouwater, c. 1780 - c. 1790, painting, SK-A-305

Portrait of Barend Goudriaan…

Cornelis van Cuylenburgh (II), 1776, painting, SK-A-4932

Portrait of a Lady from the van de…

Guillaume de Spinny, 1762, painting, SK-A-1271

Portrait of William V, Prince of…

Johann Georg Ziesenis, 1763 - 1776, painting, SK-A-882

Homage to Pomona

Hendrik Carré (II), 1734, painting, SK-A-2837

Portrait of Josnia Parduyn…

Godfried Schalcken, 1705, painting, SK-A-2061