A Farmer walking along the Fringe…

Richard Nicolaüs Roland Holst, 1889, painting, SK-A-4733

Portrait of Eva Goudriaan-de Veer

Cornelis van Cuylenburgh (II), 1776, painting, SK-A-4933

Portrait of Jacob Mossel,…

anonymous, 1750 - 1799, painting, SK-A-4550

Woman at a Window

Jozef Israëls, 1880 - 1911, painting, SK-A-3313

Prince Maurits Receiving a Russian…

Charles Rochussen, 1874, painting, SK-A-4864

The Art Gallery of Josephus…

Adriaan de Lelie, c. 1790 - c. 1799, painting, SK-A-4122

Resting Cow with a Mill

Richard Nicolaüs Roland Holst, 1888, painting, SK-A-4731


Andreas Schelfhout, c. 1820 - c. 1830, painting, SK-A-4197

Portrait of Petrus Albertus van der…

anonymous (copy after), 1762 - 1800, painting, SK-A-4551

Corner of a Pond near Breukelen

Richard Nicolaüs Roland Holst, 1888, painting, SK-A-4730