Crucifixion with Saints Cosmas and…

anonymous, 1425 - 1449, painting, SK-A-2553

St Bonaventure

Girolamo da Treviso I (attributed to), c. 1490, painting, SK-A-2590

Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence, with…

Jacobello del Fiore, c. 1425, painting, SK-A-4001


Sigmund Gleismüller (attributed to), c. 1475 - c. 1500, painting, SK-A-2548

Legend of a Knight (end panel of a…

anonymous, 1450 - 1474, painting, SK-A-3396

Two Evangelists

Gherardo Starnina, c. 1407, painting, SK-A-3979

The Flood

anonymous (possibly), 1450 - 1499, painting, SK-A-3418


Pablo Vergós (attributed to workshop of), 1475 - 1499, painting, SK-A-3105

The Crucifixion

Giovanni di Paolo di Grazia, c. 1447, painting, SK-C-1596

Triptych with Adoration of the Magi…

Master of Alkmaar (attributed to), c. 1500 - c. 1504, painting, SK-C-1364