Landscape with Bathsheba

Jan van Scorel, c. 1540 - c. 1545, painting, SK-A-670

The Incredulity of Thomas

Hendrick ter Brugghen, c. 1622, painting, SK-A-3908

The Adoration of the Kings

Hendrick ter Brugghen, 1619, painting, SK-A-4188

Triptych with Scenes from the Life…

anonymous, c. 1450, painting, SK-A-2649

Triptych with the Crucifixion

anonymous, c. 1460, painting, SK-A-1408

Pope Adrian VI

anonymous, after c. 1520 - 1599, painting, SK-A-513

Portrait of Reinoud III of…

Jan van Scorel, c. 1545, painting, SK-A-1619

Memorial Panel for Lubbert Bolle

Jan Gerritsz. van Bronckhorst (possibly), 1525 - 1574, painting, SK-A-4485

Bird's-eye View of the Vredenburg…

anonymous, c. 1550 - c. 1599, painting, SK-A-1728