The First Fashion Magazine, A.B. Duhamel (possibly), 1791

The First Fashion Magazine, A.B. Duhamel (possibly), 1791

engraving, h 186mm × w 241mm More details

The Cabinet des Modes ou les Modes Nouvelles first appeared on 15 November 1785. As the first real fashion magazine, it was published on a regular basis and wholly dedicated to news from the world of fashion. It was available by subscription only and distributed both in France and abroad. Each eight-page edition contained three hand-coloured engravings. After a year in print, the magazine changed its name to Magasin des Modes Nouvelles Françaises et Anglaises. Instead of three loose sheets, it now included a single fold-out plate depicting clothes and accessories. Publication of the Magasin ceased abruptly in 1789; after this, it was most likely succeeded by the Journal de la Mode et du Goût.

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