Portrait of Hortense de…

Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson, c. 1805 - c. 1809, painting, SK-A-4943

The Calling of Saint Anthony

Aertgen Claesz van Leyden, c. 1530, painting, SK-A-1691

Aeneas Receiving a New Set of…

Ferdinand Bol, 1660 - 1663, painting, SK-A-1576

Pope Julius III (formerly entitled…

Girolamo Sicciolante (circle of), 1550 - 1600, painting, SK-A-3413

The Immaculate Conception (Joachim…

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, c. 1757 - c. 1759, painting, SK-A-3985

Portrait of a Woman

Charles Howard Hodges, c. 1790 - c. 1820, painting, SK-A-2268

Portrait of an Unknown Woman

Jan Jansz Mostaert, c. 1525, painting, SK-A-3843

Portrait of Antoine Perrenot,…

anonymous, 1565, painting, SK-A-4071

Allert Boelisse (1523-59)

anonymous (copy after), c. 1550 - c. 1624, painting, SK-A-3215

Florentine Street Scene with Twelve…

anonymous, 1540 - 1560, painting, SK-A-3104